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Taelim is an export-based automobile steering system manufacturing company specializing in mechanical tube forming and welding, input/output shaft precision machining, and intermediate shaft (I-shaft) assembly in the automobile market. Based on 30 years of cylinder tube production know-how and understanding of vehicle steering-related systems, the company has successfully transformed into a higher-level company that supplies HPS (hydraulic power steering) parts such as rack tubes and columns, as well as EPS I-shaft, Input & output shafts (electronic power steering), and ERW Pipes.

We promise to continuously provide high-quality products to our customers to realize customer satisfaction.

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Our Vision

What will be the future of humanity?

Our goal is to use our technology and data to help everyone live a better life. Today, Taerim Industries is an export-oriented company that specializes in automobile parts, but our possibilities are infinite. Like a large forest that embraces diversity, Taelim has the ability to design, manufacture, and verify on its own and organically provides sustainable solutions to meet the needs of diverse customers around the world.
Additionally, Taelim Industrial is taking the lead in changing society to protect the environment and resources by participating in the international movement to replace electricity with 100% renewable energy.

the production of mechanical tube applications

Our 30 years of experience and know-how

Taelim has been producing mechanical tubes for 30 years and has achieved a 10% share in the global market based on strict quality control, excellent production technology, and material management required in the automobile market.

By applying the accumulated know-how of quality, production technology, and material management to ERW pipes, we are producing the best pipes.

Leading change to create a safe and beautiful future.


Electric Resistance Welded Pipe

Up to 10mm Thickness

ERW Pipe is manufactured by cold forming a flat steel strip into a rounded tube and passing it through a series of forming rollers to obtain a longitudinal seam. Taelim manufactures a small diameter ERW pipe with high frequency welding based on its long experience.

Taelim has technologies that can meet the needs of customers in various business fields as well as automobiles, construction equipment, heat exchangers and electric kickboards.


Thick Wall ERW Pipes

  • Special Tooling
  • Tooling control & Excellent Supply chain
  • Up to 10mm thickness tube range 25~80mm

Quality System

  • IATF16949 / ISO14001
  • Over 30 years, Taelim has experience and know-how by producing automotive parts

Production System

  • 100% in-line quality control
  • Special bead cutting control Know-how
  • Optimized loss rate
Category Available Size Annual Capacity >Major Products
External Diameter Thickness
Tube Mill 1 (unit 1) ø19.1 ~ ø76.3 1.0 ~ 4.0 18,000 Boiler tube & Heat exchanger
Tube Mill 2 (unit 2) ø25.4 ~ ø76.3 3.0 ~ 7.0 24,000 Automobile & Contruction equipment
Tube Mill 3 (unit 3) ø21.7 ~ ø63 2.0 ~ 8.0 24,000 High strength and extremely thick wall by using high-tensile grade steel
Tube Standard DIN(EN10305), API, ASTM, JIS, BS, KS
Steel Grade E235, E355, 22MnB5, 26MnB5, 34MnB5, 37Mn5
Type Varying wall thickness ERW pipes, Square pipes
Application Stabilizer, Cam shaft, Steering shaft, Piston rod, Propeller shaft, Drive shaft, Hydraulic cylinder tube, Boiler tube, Heat exchanger, Crane

Business area

Product Applications



Main customer: Tesla, NIO, BYD

Stabilizer, Cam Shaft, Steering Shaft


Construction Equipment

Main customer: Komatsu, Doosan, Caterpillar

Construction Heavy Equipment, Excavator, Crane


Boiler Tube & Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger


Personal transporter

Segway, E-bike, Electric Kick Scooter, Electric Mobility Cart, Wheelchair


R&D technology

Own design ability

Taerim Industries has its own design/analysis capabilities as well as manufacturing and assembling capabilities, and operates an IQ-FMEA system to meet customer expectations for the design. We utilize various software such as IQ and ANSYS to analyze potential malfunctions and impacts of products, and realize customer needs with our own design technology that considers specific characteristics of each part of the product.


Product Planning

Plan product based on customer requirements

Failure Mode Analysis

DFMEA analysis using IQ program

product design

Design based on computational structure analysis data


Verification through Computer Aided Engineerng(CAE)


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